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Automated Self Healing Security

We will design and install a system to not only check and alert of security events but to automatically rollback back any changes which deviate from your perscribed best practices.

Assess, Remediate & Control

Compliance as a Service

Remediation and continuous enforcement of company security best practices.  Using over 500 Industry best practices including PCI DSS we provide you audit ready evidence of your security posture.

Security Analysis

We meet with your team to understand your current configuration and requirements.  We then use Dome9 for a week long data collection to identify optimization opportunities.  We then provide you with a report with actionable recommendations and can assist you in remediating any gaps found.

Security Design and Build

Based on the security gaps identified in the analysis we will design a secure configuration to ensure you stay in compliance with your industrys requirements and company security best practices.

Continuous Security Monitoring

We will design a continuous monitoring system to check against your companies' best practices and alert your SIEM when any deviations occur.