AWSAdvisor ​​

Design, Build & Manage AWS

We have certified AWS Architects and engineers ready to assist you in design, Dev Ops Build and Operational Ownership best practices. We have designed and implemented over ten AWS infrastructures for fotune 500 as well as startup companies.

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Amazon Web Services integration In New York

Cloud Migration Services

Using the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework and our years of enterprise ITIL best practices we help companies make the transition.  

​We assist on your VMware Enterprise side with Cloud Integration brokers like BMC CLM or Gravitant and then connect you to AWS.

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Disruptive Technology Navigation

    Helping the enterprise move to the Cloud

Dev Ops

Continuous Integration and Deployment is the Cloud Operational Killer App.  

Using a combination of AWS tools, Chef, Git and Jenkins we can build out your Dev Ops infrastructure and get you started using basically Henry Ford's assembly line for IT​.

Big Data

MongoDB  DynamoDB  Oracle

We have migrated Databases from the Enterprise Datacenter to AWS quickly and painlessly.  

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